Car Wheel Spacers

Car Wheel Spacers

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Wheel Spacers
Extension spacers to change wheel alignment
Wheel spacers look like flat metal disks of round shape. Wheel spacers are installed between the hub of the car and the wheel rim. Such a solution is justified if, as a result, the wheel offset is reduced to the standard parameters.
Spacers to increase the offset of the disc

Car owners may find themselves in a situation where a wheel rim they like in terms of its design does not meet the technical requirements of the car. The thing is that the offset of the disc should exactly match the value specified for your car model. The solution, for such situations, are wheel spacers. However, it should be noted that they should be used when the offset value exceeds the recommended values. If this condition is met, spacers can correct the offset to the desired value.

Spacers to increase the offset of the disc
Spacer spacers are used to:
Spacers for wheel offset
to increase the track of the vehicle (disk offset)
Spacers to install the non-standard wheels
Continuous discs installation
Spacers to increase vehicle stability in turns
Increasing the stability of the car in turns
Spacers for Cars Tuning
Tuning of the car appearance
Spacers and adapters from Autoprostavka company

Spacers for lift-out of the disc, which are presented in our online store, are made of reliable aluminum alloy, due to what they have significant strength, resistance to corrosion (rust formation) and maintain at the same time minimum weight.

All this guarantees the highest quality and long life of the spacers purchased on our website.

Spacers for car rim extensions
Variety of spacers
Through spacers
Through spacers
Through-hole rim spacers are a design with holes for multiple drillings. The width of the spacer ranges from 3 to 7 mm. No fastener replacement is usually required during installation. Through-hole wheel spacers have the lowest cost due to their ease of fabrication. 
stud spacers
Spacer spacers with studs.
Spacer spacers are used for extending vehicle wheelbase, changing ET or for tuning. Spacer spacers increase stability of the vehicle.
Stud spacers
Spacer spacers with studs
The spacer is attached to the hub, and the wheel is attached to the spacer using standard bolts. Used so that the bolts are not too long and do not undergo excessive loads.
spacer adapters
Spacers with a 4-hole to 5-hole conversion
Used so that rims with a different bore can be fitted to the car. Conversion spacers can be used to change the type of mounting. The adapters attach themselves to the car's caliper and then the disc is fixed to the adapter with the native nuts (bolts).
Thickness of the products
up to 10 millimeters
Wheels with this thin thickness are used when it is necessary to mount a wheel with unsuitable characteristics for the car in order to prevent it from touching the caliper of the car. Most suitable for sports car tires.
12 to 25 millimeters.
These have a hub that significantly increases the wheelbase, and are often used as a decorative element of a car. Moreover, these elements counteract the sinking of the wheels, often observed when installing arch extensions or fairings.
25 to 50 millimeters
Often equipped with studs or bolts that connect the structure to the hub. Studs are more suitable for Jeeps and cars that have a wrench mounting of the wheels (in this case there is no need to buy additional long studs).


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