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Spacers to increase clearance

Company Avtoprostavka offers a convenient opportunity to quickly and easily increase the passability of your car - for this we recommend to buy spacers to increase ground clearance. Ground clearance is a characteristic, which largely determines the ability of the car to move on rough roads and unpaved roads, move over curbs and other obstacles. The lower the planting of the car, the less confident the driver feels off-road - by buying spacers, you can solve this problem.

By installing spacers under the springs or under the shock absorber struts, the car owner receives the following benefits:

  • increased ground clearance, thereby increasing the characteristics of the cross-country;
  • the possibility of mechanical damage to the engine crankcase and other parts of the engine compartment is reduced;
  • minimized risk of snagging bushes and grass by bumpers and low located elements of the body;
  • the car looks more stylish and modern.

When you buy spring spacers, use the services of our technicians to install them - it's the easiest way to avoid installation errors and achieve maximum efficiency.


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