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About our Company

International metallurgical group is a large company, which sphere of activity is extremely broad. It includes many different areas, ranging from repair of cars and production of spare parts to manufacturing of metal structures.

Wide experience and high qualification of our personnel, as well as a decent level of service allowed us to gain a solid reputation and credibility among our customers - most of them know that it is convenient and profitable to do business with us!

Our Products

Having our own production allows us to produce quality auto parts that you can buy. Our products include the following:

Our advantages

The company has a wide range of regular customers and clients - we enjoy the trust of our customers, because we have a number of significant advantages:

Implementation of innovations - we closely follow the emergence of new technologies, as well as actively invest funds and efforts of our specialists in their own development.

Use of modern equipment and quality raw materials - we produce products that meet all current standards and strictly control the characteristics of each product at all stages of production.

Highly qualified personnel - our employees have a wealth of experience and high level of professionalism, which allows them to perform tasks of any complexity.

Active interaction with our customers - you can contact us by phone from 9.00 to 19.00 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturday. If you wish, you can leave a request and we will call you back - it only takes one click.

Active interaction with customers

We offer help of experienced specialists in complex decision of any problems concerning repair of your car - you may address to us with the following questions:

Making and installing spacers

Drivers who often drive on the road, know that the suspension thus experiences the strongest loads, as a result of which the springs eventually sag and the ground clearance decreases. To solve this problem, our craftsmen install spacers - special devices that allow you to increase the clearance and increase the rigidity of the suspension.

Fabrication and installation of engine crankcase protection

It is worth doing, that the oil sump and other elements of the unit will not be damaged because of the machine underbelly hitting an obstacle or bump a boulder. Our experts will develop and produce from high-strength steel protective cover, fully consistent with the design features of your car. Once it is installed you will have peace of mind when driving on bad roads.

Ball Joint Restoration

Wear and tear on a suspension arm pivot can cause a serious accident, so timely measures are needed to fix this problem. We use effective technology to restore the ball joint - the characteristics of the restored part will be virtually identical to a new one.

Selection of auto parts

We work directly with influential brands that are trusted and respected by drivers and auto mechanics. This allows us to offer our customers quality parts at reasonable prices.

Manufacturing and installation of dust covers

This will help to eliminate the likelihood of ball bearing grease leakage and minimize the risk of foreign particles getting inside, which could lead to premature wear of the ball joint.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

With us you can order metal frames, stairs, elements of prefabricated buildings, etc. Our staff design office - if necessary, experienced engineers will design the required product for you.
Own production and quality control of products
We use high quality materials and know all about metal working
Large stock balance and possibility of dispatch on the day of order